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Biodiversity Initiative (FTBI)

Forest Trends' Biodiversity Initiative (FTBI) seeks to redefine business-as-usual practices so that economic activities result in a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity. It comprises two main programmes:

  • The Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme (BBOP), launched by Forest Trends in 2004, is a global, multi-stakeholder partnership of some 80 companies, government agencies, financial institutions, conservation NGOs and experts.  Forest Trends leads the Secretariat and provides the institutional home for the Programme. BBOP promotes the rigorous application of the impact mitigation hierarchy and planning for no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity, particularly through its Standard for best practice biodiversity offsets, released in 2012, and has its own website.
  • FTBI works directly with companies, governments, banks and conservation organizations to help them improve the outcomes for biodiversity from their operations.  We offer advisory services to governments on policy development and landscape-level planning for "No Net Loss" and preferably a "Net Positive Impact" on biodiversity, using the BBOP standard and other best practices.  We also offer strategic and technical advice to companies with a biodiversity footprint to help them at the project level and with company-wide identification and management of risk and opportunity related to biodiversity. 

We have expertise and experience in:

Advising governments

Supporting the private sector

Assisting financial institutions

Helping the conservation community

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