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The Katoomba Group

The Katoomba Group is an international network of individuals working to promote and improve capacity related to markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES). With its first gathering in 2000, the Katoomba Group was launched as an international working group focused on advancing markets for the ecosystem services—including watershed protection, biodiversity habitat, and carbon storage. The Group serves as a source of ideas for and strategic information about ecosystem service markets. It is known for its international convenings, which have provided a forum for exchanging ideas, influencing policy-makers, and catalyzing new initiatives. Since 2006, regional Katoomba networks have formed to provide contextual responses to PES capacity-building needs. To date, regional Katoomba networks exist  in Tropical America, Eastern & Southern Africa, and West Africa.

The Katoomba Group serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategic information about ecosystem service transactions and markets, as well as a means for collaboration between practitioners of PES projects and programs. It has held 16 major global conferences, published and contributed to numerous publications, and supported the development of a range of new PES schemes including the BioCarbon Fund at the World Bank and the Mexican PES Fund. The Katoomba Group has also advised national policy discussions on financial incentives for conservation in numerous countries including China, Brazil, India, and Colombia. 

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