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Forest Policy, Trade, and Finance

The Forest Policy, Trade and Finance initiative aims to create markets for legal forest products while supporting parallel transformations away from timber, and other commodities sourced illegally and unsustainably from forest areas. Through a unique model of policy research, mentorship, and convening of 'communities of practice,' FTPF works at the intersection of good forest governance, law enforcement, trade controls, secure resource rights, and sustainable resource development. Since its inception in the early 2000s, FTPF has gained the trust of high-level officials in key timber-producer and consumer countries by developing excellent data and policy analysis in conjunction with local stakeholders, purposefully beginning the dialogue process at the research design phase to obtain buy-in for findings that can ultimately influence policy.  FTPF has demonstrated the degree to which agricultural commodities on global markets are sourced from illegally-deforested land, which has formed the underpinning of key multilateral and bilateral strategies for addressing deforestation. 

Over time, FTPF's work in tracking the trade in forest products, as well as its emphasis on transparency and good governance in climate initiatives,  has expanded to tracking finance flows for REDD+ to determine where the money is coming from, for which specific activities it is being used, and how much is reaching national and local governments, and stakeholders. Forest Trends' REDDX Initiative is currently the best, most in-depth and independent source of information on public and private funding of national forest and climate programs in key REDD+ countries. The REDDX model is truly unique, using on-the-ground partners and survey techniques to gather data on actual commitments and disbursements of REDD+ finance and verifying  the data through the national validation process, co-chaired by the government, to ensure its accuracy and quality, Through this initiative, Forest Trends provides information that allows governments, climate negotiators and additional REDD+ stakeholders to understand the financial flows associated with REDD+ financing to better assess gaps and needs against national and international REDD+ goals, objectives and strategies.

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